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Things to Do on Vacation in Scranton

When you're planning a vacation in Scranton, there's a lot to get ready. You have to come up a with some sort of schedule or itinerary that includes something for everyone. You have to plan out what to wear and which necessities to pack.

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If you sew, you may even want to stitch up a  few new outfits or a new swimsuit. So, because this is a sewing website, I wanted to mention a few fun things to do in Scranton, and suggest an idea or two you can sew up in a jiffy to wear while enjoying your Scranton vacation.

Things to Do in Scranton

There are a variety of fun and interesting things to do in the Scranton area when you travel there for a vacation.
  • Historic Sites and Museums: There are a number of great historic venues and museums in Scranton. Places like the Electric City Trolley Station and museum, the Pennsylvania Anthracite Museum, and the Steamtown National Historic Site all give you a sense of the area's history and culture. 
    • For these destinations, you'll want comfortable clothes and shoes. 
    • If you're stitching up a special outfit to wear visiting historic sites, choose comfy shorts in summer or slacks in winter. 
    • Be sure to pack a light jacket, too, in case the weather changes while you're out.
  • Vineyards and Wineries: If you enjoy sipping wine and nibbling on small plate foods, you may want to visit one of Scranton's vineyards or wineries. Enjoy the views at the Capra Collina Vineyard, the Ferrona Family Winery, or enjoy a traditional wine tasting session at Bartolai Winery
    • Choose comfortable outfits for this type of destination, though consider sticking to business casual. 
    • If you feel like sewing up an outfit for a trip to the winery, consider a simple sundress or dress short and slacks with simple, classic lines. 
  • Resorts and Spas: In the mood for some pampering? Consider heading to a spa or resort like Montage Mountain Resorts. The resort is only open in winter, so think skiing and pack warm. 
    • If you want to make an outfit for this type of outing, consider making some simple fleece scarves, a warm polar fleece hat with face covering mask, or insulated leggings. 
    • You'll want to be layered up and warm when you head out to enjoy the winter activities.
  • Scranton Nightlife: There are so many great places to visit in the evening in Scranton. Whether you're in the mood for a traditional pub with a rowdy, earthy quality or an upscale venue where you can wear your best clothes and dance the night away, there's something for you in the Scranton nightlife scene. 
    • The type of club you choose to visit can help you decide what type of outfit to wear. 
    • A casual pub is perfect for a casual outfit while an upscale club is a great place to wear a cocktail dress or dressy outfit. 

Something for Everyone to Enjoy in Scranton

I tried to pick some thigns that are suitable for kids and some that are more adult-themed for this piece about things to do when you're vacationing in Scranton. Historic and outdoor activities are a fun way for families to spend an afternoon, and enjoying Scranton's nightlife scene or visiting wineries is a fun way for adults to relax in the city.

If you've been to Scranton, or would like to share your ideas on my choices, comments are welcome here or in the Facebook Stitching it Right Sewing Talk group.

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