Monday, August 6, 2018

How to Make a Freehand Embroidery Flower

Making a freehand embroidery flower is so easy, and it really only requires knowing a couple of stitches, the straight stitch and either the back stitch or the stem stitch are enough to get you through the entire process if you want to keep it simple.

Flower Embroidery image by Laure Justice

Tips for Hand Sewing an Embroidered Flower

When you're doing freehand embroidery, simple designs like the flower shown here and in the video let you make an eye-catching piece without investing a lot of time into the project.

One thing I especially love about doing freehand embroidery is, it's so relaxing and even if a stitch lands in the wrong spot, you can just keep stitching and still end up with a nice embroidery design.

These types of embroidered flowers can be as big or as small as you like, and you can make a single embroidered flower or a field of them.

Freehand Embroidery to Cover Stains

Freehand Flower Embroidery 
image by Laure Justice
You can also use these freehand flower embroidery designs to cover small stains on clothes in addition to making home d├ęcor items like pillows, quilts, and wall-hangings.

(If you do attempt to cover a stain on a good garment, however, do embroider a practice flower on a fabric scrap to make sure it looks the way you want so you don't ruin your garment if it doesn't look how you expect it to look.)

Video Lesson Showing How to Stitch an Embroidery Flower

This a freehand flower embroidery I put together as part of a series to show how to make this quilt square.

The videos are posted in short segments to make it easy to follow along and so you can watch only the parts you need for making your own freehand embroidery designs.

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