Wednesday, August 15, 2018

How to Design and Hand Embroider a Logo for Your Business

A logo is part of your brand. It's what helps people recognize your business when you're out in the marketplace. So, I'm working on improving mine today, and I detailed how I did it in a YouTube video on Sewing Lessons from Stitching it Right.

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Hand Embroidering Company Logo
Hand Embroidering Company Logo image by Laure Justice

Designing a Simple Company Logo

The first step of creating a hand embroidered logo for your business is designing it. For the simple one I'm creating here, I used my computer's Paint program.

I knew I wanted my logo to reflect the fact that I love sewing, so I really wanted it to be a heart themed design.

It didn't take me long to create a dual heart logo, because I loved its simplicity as soon as I saw the pink heart surrounding the red heart.

I had actually planned to create something intricate and detailed, but when I hit on the look that resonated with me so easily, It didn't make sense to add more.

Using Hand Embroidery to Enhance the Appearance of a Company Logo

I used the stem stitch to create the borders, which are the drawn lines on the fabric.

I used a fabric marking pencil to mark out the shapes, as shown in video, so they will wash out if needed.

To add texture to the white strip between the two hearts, I added satin stitching.

(This isn't shown in the video because I didn't want to keep anyone sitting at the computer watching the same stitch over and over.)

Video Showing How to Hand Embroider a Self-Drafted Logo

Some other ways to come up with a logo are having a design company create one for you or visiting a site that has extra tools so you can add more to your own self-drafted logo designs.

It's a great idea to experiment with colors and shapes until you come up with something that really speaks to you and your vision for your business.

Like I mentioned, I wanted my logo to reflect my passion for sewing, so I picked hearts, and of course, for me, the logo needs to be sewn to really reflect what my business is about.

By: Laure Justice

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