Friday, August 10, 2018

Embroidery Embellishments to Cover Stains

Clothing takes up a big part of a family's budget, so if something gets a stain that won't wash out, finding a way to embellish it can keep your garment looking nice.

Video Showing Flower Embroidery to Cover a Stain

This short video tutorial shows how to make a textured and embroidered rose to cover a stain, but any design or even an applique could be used for someone who doesn't want a rose embroidered on their clothing.

I've used this technique to turn stains into flowers on garments and a quilt I had made that caught a nasty spill and stains wouldn't come out.

Tips for Disguising Stains on a Quilt

On the quilt, it had stains all over it and looked really awful.

I had obviously spent hours and hours making this quilt, so I was really upset when it got stained, but life goes on, and I wanted to save it.

I started looking at options, and considered using fabric paint to make a design over the stains, but I wanted to maintain the classic quilt look as much as possible.

Using this hand embroidery technique saved it and actually added a unique look to it, almost like someone had scattered a handful of colorful flowers across it.

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