Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Complete Freehand Flower Embroidery Project

I wanted to show the entire process of how to make a freehand flower embroidery design in my videos, so I filmed each section of the process as a shorter segment, then I put all the segments together in one longer video.

Freehand Embroidery Flower Design Project image and article by Laure Justice

Freehand Embroidery Flower Design

If you want to make your own embroidery flower design using these directions, you'll notice in the video everything is shown in the order I did it.

I originally started this embroidery project thinking I would make it into a quilt square, but I decided I am going to make it into a small wall-hanging to display with some of my other stitched creations behind my comfortable sewing chair.

(That way, when I film episodes of Sewing Lessons from Stitching it Right, some of my small sewing projects will be displayed right behind me - and if you want to make them yourself, you can simply look for matching video sewing lessons.)

Video of Complete Flower Embroidery Project from Beginning to End

If you just want to refresh your skills on a specific embroidery stitch instead of watching the full length film, there are short episodes available on the channel that are designed to help you master each type of stitch.

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