Thursday, July 12, 2018

Introducing Sewing Lessons From Stitching it Right

I uploaded the first episode of Sewing Lessons from Stitching it Right to YouTube today, and I wanted to invite everyone who visits here to pop over and check it out. It's only 35 seconds long because I was kind of nervous, but I wanted to get this project started to help others learn to sew.

Do You Want to Learn to Sew?

Please, please, subscribe to the channel if you want to learn how to sew because there are so many great tutorials scheduled in our video publishing line-up.

The episodes will cover hand sewing, hand embroidery, household sewing machine sewing, and industrial sewing techniques you can use when making your own projects - we'll also be bringing in some instructors to share info on machine embroidery and (hopefully) quilting.

Also, if you have a particular technique you want to learn about, leave a note in the comments here or on the YouTube channel.

We'll then bump that up in the publishing schedule so you can have the info you want as quickly as possible.

Why Stitching it Right Started a Video Channel

A conversation about how I learned to sew was the inspiration for this channel.

My best friend asked me how I learned to sew, and I told her about receiving a kit when I was three years old that contained a piece of burlap, some yarn, two huge plastic buttons, and a plastic needle - and how I stitched those buttons on that burlap, then removed the stitches and used it over and over again.

I did that, literally, for hours and hours -- until my mother and grandmother started teaching me to sew other types of handcrafts. Then I did a beginner level sewing project using a sewing machine - for 4H - when I was in the fourth grade.

She said she wished her mother or grandmother would have taught her to sew, but they didn't sew themselves... and it started me thinking how many people might benefit from having someone to show them some sewing techniques so they can make their own clothes, bags, home decor, or even car interiors.

A Little More About My Qualifications to Teach Sewing

As an adult, I already had a strong understanding of sewing techniques due to learning how to sew as a child and enjoying sewing as a lifelong hobby... but I wanted to learn how to do custom upholstery work.

So, I took an adult ed course in upholstery, which was great but didn't give me the experience I wanted in regard to customizing classic car interiors.

So I signed up for a distance course in custom interior work that was supposedly created by George Barris, the Batmobile's creator.

I got a lot out of the course and followed it with an apprenticeship with a local car interior shop before branching out and running my own little custom interior shop.

Then, wanting to expand into some creative designer garment-making, I took another distance course, this one in fashion design. (Learning options can be limited when you live in the country.)

It was a great course because it gave me background information on types of fabric and some sewing techniques that were new to me in spite of having years of experience under my belt at that point.

Thanks for reading, and if you check out the video, I would love to hear what you think and what you would like me to cover next.


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