Friday, July 13, 2018

Basic Supplies Needed for Hand Sewing

Hi Everyone!

I just uploaded the second episode of Sewing Lessons From Stitching it Right to YouTube, and it's a basic list of things you need for hand sewing.

Short List of Hand Sewing Supplies

Sewing by hand is relaxing and a great way to quickly mend something, and this episode of Sewing Lessons From Stitching it Right gives you a quick overview of some things you may want to pick up for your own hand sewing projects.

The absolute must-haves are something fabric to sew, a needle, and thread, but there are also some things that can make the task easier. (Like scissors to neatly cut the thread, embroidery hoop to hold the fabric taut while you work, and sewing notions like hooks & eyes, buttons, and snaps.

Tips for Saving Money on Hand Sewing Supplies

I would like to add a few tips for saving money on your sewing supplies. One way is to visit sites like eBay, which I added an ad for just above this, if I did it right. Search by lowest price or look for bulk lots of sewing supplies. Just be sure to compare prices to be sure you're getting the best deal.

I also pick up a lot of vintage sewing supplies at yard sales and thrift shops. Buy your thread new, though, if possible. I recommend avoiding buying thread at those types of places simply because you don't know how old it is, and sewing thread gets weaker with age, and I would hate tsomethingehting just to see it come apart.

Also, Craftsy is currently, as of this posting, having a sale on supplies, tools, and kits, up to 40-percent off - so I'll drop an ad to tha tbelow... Up to 40% Off Cake Decorating Tools & Supplies at through 7/15/18. No coupon needed.
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