Thursday, June 15, 2017

Beat the Summer Heat with Sewing

Sewing clothes and making crafts is therapeutic for the soul. Are you not wanting to spend your summer days in the summer heat? Sewing is a great alternative for those who want quiet, calm and productive time inside. I am going to review some great easy sewing projects that will keep you busy while making treasure that your friends and family will adore!
Add lace to a tank top for a summer sewing project

Summer Sewing for Teacher Gifts

Do you live in a state that gets really cold in winter? Do you have children going to school? Then consider making a flannel thermos jacket for a teacher! When choosing patterns, simply find a bright and colorful flannel design. Then, measure the circumference of the thermos and cut accordingly. Sew the outside edges in, to create a rounded and finished looking edge. To attach the two ends around the thermos, use hook and loop tape or a button and loophole!

Summer Sewing for Women

To make something for yourself, simply find an inexpensive, blank cotton tank top and lace. Measure the lace around the shoulder straps, and cut so that the lace is slightly hanging off the shoulder. Play with colors on this one. Black and white is a classic combination. Blue and white will look nautical, and peach and white are perfect for summer! This fun and easy to make top will be your new favorite.

Summer Sewing Ideas for Men

Does your child love helping you in the kitchen? Then make your little one an apron! Start by choosing an animal. To make a cat apron, buy the colored fabric that you need. Measure your child, and how long you want it to be, and how far around it needs to go. It helps if you draw the design and then cut the fabric. The ears will go along the straps, the whiskers will be on the chest and the tie around the waist will be the tail!

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