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Hand Embroidery: Some Simple Facts You Should Know

Hand Embroidery: Some Simple Facts You Should Know
Hand embroidery thread image courtesy of Pixabay

Hand embroidery is an old craft that has been practiced since the ages of your grandma and her mother. This involves motifs and needle works. You can learn this craft easily but it takes a lot of practice and patience to master the art of hand embroidery.
One who is confident about her creativity and artistic sense then she should try out hand embroidery as a hobby or profession. In fact the hand-embroidered stuffs are so popular among the users that they are sold at a high price. This shows that hand embroidery is a pretty good choice to earn the living.

Stitches Used in Hand Embroidery

There are quite a number of simple and complicated stitches, which are used to make different stuffs with hand embroidery. The simple ones are satin stitch, chain stitch and back stitch. The chain stitch can be used to make the flowers and other figures as it gives a round shaped knot-like look to the stitched area.
Satin stitch gives a comparatively fuller look and even look and this is the reason they are used to fill up the figures of the design. Then there are other stitches like Outline or Stem Stitch, Whipped Running Stitch, Crossed Backstitch etc. The stitches that are used for outlining are quite simple and often give a look like a continuous line.

Types of Hand Embroidery

Some of the most popular types of hand embroideries are Cross-stitch, Canvas work, ribbon embroidery, Black work embroidery and Bargello embroidery. In Cross-stitch an x-like design is made with the help of the threads and needles and various interesting floral and other patterns can be made with this particular type of embroidery.

Canvas work can be used with yarns and this can be done on various textures like synthetic material or silk. Ribbon embroidery is all about making the patterns with ribbons, which is probably the most romantic form of hand embroidery. The Black work embroidery is the type where the work is done using the black threads. Bargello is done on the woolen canvas and it involves stitches, which can be horizontal or vertical.

Usage of Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery is used to prepare various utility items as well as artworks. Generally the hand embroidery is used in the women's garments and they are priced quite high because of their aesthetic appeal to the users. This technique is used to make covers of upholstery, cushions, pillow covers etc.

You can also get various artworks like wall hangings, paintings and bags where hand embroidery is used for its exceptional beauty. These exquisite designs are made using the simple ingredients like needle, threads and some patterns. But the beauty of the product lies in the skills of person who is doing the hand embroider
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