Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How to Alter a Tight Top and Make it Into a Shrug Jacket

I bought this over-sized, slouchy sweater from a seller I found on eBay because I thought it was super cute and looked comfortable and warm. I even ordered it a size larger than my normal size to make sure it would be loose.

What I got, was a very tight, tissue thin top, that no one could ever truly call a sweater.

So, I wrote in to tell the seller that their sizing is WAY off - I didn't bring up the tissue thin fabric, even though I should have.

The seller responded with a partial refund and an apology.

So, I decided to make the most of the otherwise useless garment by making it into a shrug jacket.

How to Make a Tight Top Into a Shrug Jacket

  1. Fold the top in half with the shoulder/neck seams lining up and the side seams lining up. (It will bunch up a bit at the shoulders.)

  2. Cut along the folded line on the center front of the top. (Sorry about the odd camera angle.)

  3. Fold the cut edge under 1/2-inch, then fold it under a second time and stitch close to the folded edge to create a simple hem.  (I used a zipper foot for this step so I could have abetter view of the fold and keep my stitching as straight as possible.)

  4. Stitch the length of the center line, and back tack to secure stitching, then trim off the loose thread ends. 
This is a super easy way to get some extra use out of tops that are too tight. I'll wear this over a white t-shirt and jeans or dress shirt with dress slacks or even a dark colored skirt.

(I'll try to remember to pop back in with a picture of how it looks when worn. Feel free to leave a reminder note if I don't.)

Thanks for checking out my tutorial on making a shrug jacket from a tight top. I would love to hear about your upcycling projects if you have time to leave a comment or share a photo.

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