Monday, July 14, 2014

Inexpensive and Fun Children's Valentine's Craft Party Ideas

A craft party gives children the chance to get together and have fun while making a Valentine's treasure they can keep or give as a gift.

Have you ever been at a children's party where the children really did not have anything to do? They run, screech, and rough house. That may be okay when the weather is nice so they can go outside but what about winter holiday parties? Bored children are going to look for something to do and it might not be something that is okay with the adults. Planning indoor activities makes everything go more smoothly. A children's Valentine's craft party gives children the opportunity to get together with friends for a party but it keeps them busy.

Choose Valentine's Craft Party Ideas According to Children's Ages and Abilities

Begin planning the party by considering the age of the children who will be invited. Younger children will do best with simpler crafts that involve construction paper, glitter, and gluing. Painting is great for young ones too, but make sure you warn the other parents ahead of time so they can send the children dressed in clothing that won't be hurt by paint. Projects involving clays make nice keepsakes for the children - or gifts for them to give - but drying time makes them difficult for a young children's party.

Older children will enjoy craft parties that involve more developed crafting skills. Making fleece scarves or even knotted fleece blankets is a fun idea for older children - depending on how much you want to spend on the party. Projects that involve letting children actually use your sewing machine will be best avoided for a party because your machine could get broken or someone could get hurt. It would also leave the children waiting for turns and getting bored - which is exactly what you want to avoid. Clay projects, fleece projects, macramé, beading, and painting are all fun Valentine's craft party ideas for older children.

Decide How Many Children to Invite to the Party

After choosing the craft you plan to have the children make at the party consider how many children you will be able to help at once. Most of them will probably not have any experience with what they are doing and will have lots of questions. Do you have any other adults who will be able to help? If your child has their heart set on a big group of friends coming to their party, it will work best to ask a friend or one of the other parents for help. Four to six children per adult will be the easiest number of children to work with at once. If you get too many they will spend more time waiting for help than making crafts.

Plan the Food for the Children's Valentine's Party

The last major part of planning your Valentine's children's party is deciding what to feed your guests. Keep it simple and avoid messy food. The children will be busy making crafts so an elaborate meal will not be suitable. Simple sandwiches, chips or vegetable tray, cookies, or just cake and punch for example, would be great. If possible also check with the other children's parents to see if there are any children with food allergies coming to the party so you can make sure you have something they can eat without feeling left out of the group.

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