Tuesday, January 28, 2014

3 Romance-Inspired Valentine Sewing Projects

Choose your pattern  based on your sewing skill leveled you decide to make one of these sweet Valentine sewing ideas, because you can make any of them as simple or as detailed as you wish with a few modifications.

3 Valentine Sewing Projects
  1. Silky robes: Think deep burgundy shades for the man in your life and delicate pink for yourself. Or, mix things up and just use your favorite shades of blue for these silky, satiny valentine's robes.
  2. Delicate, satiny nightgown: Make yourself a beautiful, soft and silky romance-inspiring satin nightgown in your favorite shade of light-catching silky fabric. Add delicate lace and embellishments along the neckline for an extra feminine touch.
  3. Satiny boxers: Make the man in your life a pair of these romance-inspiring boxers in your his favorite shade of silky fabric.
Set your presser for on heavy when sewing thin, fabrics, and use a light-weight satin needle to avoid tearing up delicate fabrics - unless your fabric is a silky knit - then use either a lightweight ball point needle or universal needle.

Also, if you have problems with your fabric sliding, wrap a layer of  tissue paper around the seam you are working on. Then just tear the tissue off after you finish each seam.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

3 Easy Valentine's Projects to Decorate Your Home With Love

Hearts and lace just about define valentine's day for a lot of people, and you can try these 3 easy valentines projects that just ooze love to decorate your home
  1. No-sew heart fleece tied blanket: You can make this as large or small as you like. This can be put together as a valentines' gift or just as a charming love-themed accent to drape over your sofa or favorite chair. Get a rectangle of heart-printed fleece and a rectangle (the same size) of pink, red, or burgundy. Align the edges of the two pieces. Cut strips one-inch wide and four inches deep all the way around the fleece layers. (If you like, set the corner pieces aside and them stitch them together so you can use them to make a small soft pillow that matches your blanket.) Tie the cut strips together, one at a time, and without tying so tightly that you ruin the shape of the blanket.
  2. Lacy basket liner with heart base: This can be done as a no-sew option or you can stitch it together if you wish to. These directions are for the no-sew option. Line your basket with waxed paper. Slide a large piece of lace into the bottom of your basket, so it goes up the sides and drapes over a little. Cut a pink or red heart from felt or fleece fabric. Coat the bottom of the heart with a thin layer of craft glue. Run a bead-line of glue around the inner edges of the basket, to help keep the lace in place so it will hold the basket's shape when the glue dries. Sprinkle iridescent glitter in the glue for a special, sparkly touch.
  3. Lacy silk-heart table cover: Cut a piece of silky fabric large enough to cover your table and to hang down almost to the floor. Stitch a pre-made lace ruffle all the way around the fabric's edge. Cut lace hearts out and stitch them to the edges of the cover, just above the lace, every few inches apart. Use a loose zigzag stitch, or hand sew the lace hearts for the best result.
I would love to hear what you think of these easy valentine's day inspired home decorating and gift ideas, or of any other ideas you would like to share with the Stitching it Right community.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

3 Easy Valentine Kid's Crafts

Let your young children share in the joy of making handcrafted gifts this Valentine's Day with one of these three easy textile crafts.

3 Easy Valentine Kid's Crafts

  1. Knotted fleece blanket: Pick pretty fleece with colorful hearts for one layer and your giftee's favorite solid color fleece for the other layer. These knotted blankets are super easy to make, and you don't have to sew them at all of you don't want to, because fleece fabric does not fray. I have, however found, that stitching the two fabric layers together (about four inches in from the outer edge) before cutting the strips to tie, makes it much MUCH easier to keep the layers aligned and get a smooth finished blanket. 
  2. Applique pillow case: You can either make the pillow case or start with a plain pillow case from the store, and then just get some cute "love-themed" appliques. Iron the appliques onto the desired spots on the pillow case. Let the appliques cool. Then, either hand sew or machine stitch around the outer edge of the applique to secure the cute decorations. .
  3. Jammie pants 'butt' drawstring tote bag: This one is for kids of all ages who get a kick out of 'butt humor' - and it's super easy to make, too. Start with a worn out or outgrown pair of jammie pants. If you don't have any, a thrift shop or garage sale is a great place to pick some up without spending much. Turn the pants inside out. Cut the legs off off the pajama pants right across the hip area, leaving the crotch seam intact. Sew across the entire bottom with a tight zigzag stitch or a serger. Cut a small hole in the waistband to pull the elastic through. Turn the 'butt bag' inside out. Make the big loopy know in the elastic drawstring so it won't pop back inside the jammie pants bag. 
Adult supervision is recommended for young children putting any of these crafts together, as they involve scissor use, sewing needles, and a hot iron. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

5 Easy Valentine's Sewing Ideas

Whether you are planning ahead to make Valentine's gifts or trying to create something special at the last minute, one of these hand crafted gifts might be just the thing for your special Valentine.

I think making a special gift for Valentine's Day is such a sweet way to show friends and family that you care. These easy gift ideas are great to put together on a chilly day when you can't get outside, or when you are simply short on time.

Easy Valentine's Sewing Projects
  1. Fleece scarf: Fleece is an easy to work with fabric that does not fray and a scarf is basically a long, skinny rectangle, making a cozy scarf a quick and simple gift idea. For more details and step-by-step directions, check out my fleece scarf-making tutorial here on Stitching it Right.
  2. Heart-applique tote bag: Start with some sturdy denim fabric and a basic tote bag pattern, and a square of red fleece or felt. Cut out a chunky red heart and either zigzag stitch or hand sew it in the center of one other tote bag sides. Then stitch the tote bag together following the pattern directions.
  3. Walker tote: This gift idea is for people who have to use walkers. It's similar to the heart-applique tote idea, but instead of traditional bag straps, you'll need a pattern with a fabric flap that fastens around the front walker bar. One note: Make sure the pattern you choose has compartments to hold your loved one's needed items, such as a phone or the TV remote.
  4. Silky pajama bottoms: This is a bit harder than the other ideas, but if you choose a pattern labeled easy or beginner, you'll be amazed by how quickly these simple garments go together.
  5. Scented heart-shaped sachets: Cut out some small (about 4 inches tall and wide) heart shapes from felt or fleece, sew around the perimeter with a zigzag or other decorative stitch all but a 1-inch opening. Stuff some loose cotton batting inside the heart. stitch the gap shut. Sew or glue a small ribbon bow or rosette on the front of the heart, then spray perfume or cologne on the heart - kind of a lot - and let it soak in. Then your Valentine can just toss the sachet in a drawer and let the scent loose in the drawer. More scent can be added as needed, when it fades.
If you try making one of these easy Valentine's gift ideas, I'd love to hear how it turns out, so be sure to pop back and leave a comment.

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