Monday, June 17, 2013

Pattern Sale

Patterns are expensive, but once in  awhile JoAnn Fabrics has a great sale. You just have to watch and plan ahead a bit.

I found a great deal on patterns yesterday at the local JoAnn Fabrics store. McCalls patterns were 5 for $5, or a buck a piece.

I bought 5, and my total savings were over $87.

When I start stitching them up, I'll review them here and post any workarounds you can do to make them easier.

Now, one last question, this is for McCalls and the pattern companies... Why the heck is your selection of men's and boy's clothing patterns so stinking pathetic? Seriously, it's SUMMER WEATHER, why is there not a single pattern available from the big name companies for a pair of men's shorts with pockets. I don't even care if they're the zipper kind or elastic, but there's NOTHING. Boo... Hiss... Sewing pattern company FAIL!!!!

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