Sunday, June 24, 2012

Adjusted the Loopers on My Serger Today


One of the loopers on my serger, the one closest to the body of the serger, was loose and wobbling around like a child's loose tooth. I got the screw tightened but it still would not stitch.

After that, I kept putting it off, thinking I would rather take my serger to my sewing machine mechanic than try to do it myself.

Anyway, today, (soon to be yesterday) I decided I needed my serger and could do it myself. I got out my allen wrench kit and tried different wrenches until I found the right size - it took a size 2 - metric.

I could not get that little screw to turn so I got help to loosen the screw. Then, I just slowly worked the hand crank so I could watch the positioning of the looper as it passed the needle.

When it hit the sweet spot, I tightened the screw with the size 2 allen wrench and rethreaded the beast. It stitched perfectly, and I saved the cost of a trip to the sewing machine repairman and a week without my machine.

The serger in the picture is not mine - it's a MorgueFile picture.

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