Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Convenient & Cool Sewing Gizmos: Mini Iron for Quilting and Tailoring

One of the most important lessons you pick up when learning to sew is that it's beneficial to follow each step. Ironing is an easy step to skip, but skipping it will show in your finished garment or any kind of sewn project.

Mini irons offer the convenience of a an easy-to-grab iron while avoiding the bulk and the occasional tediousness of a traditional iron.

Clover Mini Iron for Quilting and Tailoring
Mini Iron
A mini iron is simply a tiny version of a traditional iron. They are the perfect size for pressing a seam on a garment or when quilting.

They also slip nicely into delicate corners and are perfect for working around trims.

As far as disadvantages, well, they're small, so while one can be used to press a large item, the size makes them less than ideal for pressing entire garments.

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