Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Convenient and Cool Sewing Gizmos: Fiskars 12-in-1 Sewing Tool

If I don't get sidetracked, I plan to post a series of short articles about some convenient and cool sewing gizmos I have been trying out. Some are more convenient than cool while some run heavier to the cool side.

My first pick is a handy, and kind of organized, cool gizmo. It's the Fiskars 12-in-1 Sewing Tool. In fact, it's really more of a case that holds some sort-of related sewing tools in one convenient, little almost pen-shaped case.

What I like about this tool is, simply, the convenience of having all these little tools together in a case that's actually a convenient size to grab in a hurry when I'm working.

The sewing tools included in the case are:

  1. A needle threader (regular) 
  2. A long needle threader
  3. A magnifying glass
  4. A measuring tape
  5. A stuffing tool
  6. A pair of thread cutters
  7. A pair of sewing tweezers
  8. A punch needle
  9. A safety pin
  10. A piercing punch (awl)
  11. A knit picker
  12. An 8x1 inch plastic storage container (the case counts as one of the twelve pieces)

Note: This is NOT a paid endorsement, I just want to share my experience with this tool since this is  ablog about sewing and I think this is a nice sewing tool. If you have a different opinion, or if you have tried this tool and share my opinion, I invite you to share through the comments box below or send me a note through the contact us link if you prefer to reply without leaving a comment on site.

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