Saturday, November 12, 2011

Review of McCalls Pattern: Comfy Blanket M9570

If you are looking for an easy gift to sew, or you just want a unique snuggy-style blanket for yourself, comfy blankets make great gifts and they are super easy to sew.

The McCalls Comfy Blanket pattern, envelope number M5970 if you're looking for it in the store or online, is labeled as an easy, 1 hour project, but is it really that easy and fast?

While it depends a little bit on your skill level as a sewing machine operator, and a lot on how fast your machine will stitch, I have to say, it's a pretty easy pattern. It will probably take a little over an hour if you are new to sewing, and it will probably be done in less than an hour if you are an experienced sewer.

Description of the Comfy Blanket Pattern

You have three pattern pieces, four if you're adding a pocket, five if you're adding the foot pocket; and the two largest pattern pieces get taped together to form one big piece.

If you're a novice when it comes to sewing there's more good news. Fleece is a pretty forgiving fabric to work with; making it easy to hide small errors. Just make sure you have a ballpoint needle installed in your sewing machine and, if possible, use ball point sewing pins.

Tips for Using the McCalls Comfy Blanket Pattern
  1. My first tip after trying this pattern is, stick to the directions that come in the envelope, except for when setting the pocket, if you opt to add the pocket. Have the person who is going to wear the sleeved blanket, which is basically the same as Snuggy brand blankets, try it on and set the pocket where they like it. If you're giving it as a surprise gift, then of course just stick to the pattern directions.
  2. My second tip is, add a flat snap or hook fastener to the back of the neck opening so it won't keep falling off when worn.

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