Sunday, November 6, 2011

Protect Your Smart Phone with a Padded Custom Smartphone Bag

So here it is, this is what I was telling you about when I posted earlier. Sorry for holding you in suspense, I wanted it to be officially for sale before I released the photo. (I'm no great shakes with the camera, and this picture isn't great but it's the best I could do with my cheap-o camera.) This is my new item that's for sale now for $20 plus shipping & handling - custom-made padded smart-phone bags.
Get one to match every outfit because they are made to be worn with the strap draped diagonally around the body and they make a great way to complete an outfit.
The strap holds the bag close against your body, offering more protection for your technology investment, because wow, a good smart-phone is a bit pricey.
You can get one of these hand-crafted, custom designed smart-phone bags in black & white plaid, as shown via Stitching it Right's Big Cartel store, in your your favorite color or one to match all of your outfits by simply placing a request here or dropping an email to

Coming Soon to Stitching it Right:
  • Smart-Phone Bag Do-It-Yourself Kits
  • Padded Netbook Bags & Kits
  • Poly-Pro Feedsaques Tote Bags - to carry the heavy stuff 

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