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Customized denim embellished with metallic paper clip art and decorative lacing

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Here is another idea of jeans embellishment. To create subculture jeans decorated with metallic paper clip art you’ll need a piece of special metallic paper for fabric, a golden glitter for cloth, rhinestones, sartorial chalk, waterproof glue, scissors and a pair of jeans to decorate.

Draw a pattern you wish to create on jeans using a sartorial chalk or carry over a ready motif on denim and special metallic paper. Using sharp scissors cut out the motif from metallic paper and put the motif pieces on jeans according to the pattern. Stick all metallic paper details to your customized jeans according to the pattern using special waterproof glue. Put the glue directly on fabric in order that the metallic paper bonds better.

After all pattern fragments are glued onto denim delineate all other details with a golden glitter for fabric. Put the same motif on the back pocket of your jeans in order to balance the composition. Stick the rhinestones to your pattern as a fine element of the decoration.

You can also decorate the belt loops of your jeans using golden cloth glitter. Take a soft brush and carefully stump the fresh liner on the belt loops. The same method can be used for decoration of jeans back pockets.

The same pattern can also be repeated on the other trouser leg of jeans, for example, in the upper part of it.

Undecorated subculture jeans image courtesy of MKMenz.
Jeans embellished with metallic paper clip art should be washed turned inside out in warm water separately from other clothes pieces. The best way is to wash such jeans by hand or in a washing machine using a special regime of delicate wash.

To build your own jeans with decorative lacing you’ll need a band with pistons, a rope, scissors, a needle and thread, a piece of soap or sartorial chalk and a ruler.

After you’ve chosen the place where your decorative lacing will be situated mark out the trouser leg of your jeans – draw four parallel lines from the inner seam to the outside. Use sharp scissors to cut out the fabric between inner lines. The interval between the cuts and outside lines will be seam allowance.

Cuff the seam allowances and sew to the cuts measured bands with ready pistons. Using a needle or sharp scissors pierce small holes in pistons. Stretch the decorative lacing through pistons and fix it. You can hide the ends of the rope and bands in the seams so that your work looks neat. To do this unseam the stitching a bit, hide the rope and bands ends and carefully sew the seam together.

On the second trouser leg make a decorative lacing symmetrically to the first trouser leg from the inner seam to the outer one. Sew down the decorative lacing to jeans. Sew down the second lacing parallel to the first one.

In the bottom part of the same trouser leg stitch in another lacing. Draw four parallel lines, cut out the fabric between inner lines, cuff the seam allowances and sew sown the band with pistons. Use the same technique in order to create a lacing on one of the pockets of your tailor made jeans.

The second pocket can be decorated with parallel ropes sewn down to denim cloth. You can also fix the lacing with corresponding fabric glue. That’s it! You jeans embellished with decorative lacing are ready.

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