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Printed Silk Fabrics Sewing Tips: How to Make Hand Made Baby Shoes!

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Whether for your own child or someone you know, an easy baby item to make is shoes. Because the pattern only requires three pieces, and the fabrics are used in small quantities, you can make handmade baby shoes with leftover scraps from cotton quilting fabrics, flannels, and even fleece. Try making a pair in an afternoon and suddenly you'll be making baby shoes for every baby you know.

1. Fold the fabric to make two layers. Place the sole and upper pattern pieces over the fabric and pin down. Cut through both layers to cut out each pattern piece, making two fabrics for each. Unfold the fabric and cut out one heel piece in a single layer of fabric.

2. Fold the heel over lengthwise with the right, or patterned, side facing out. Pin to hold the fold in place. Trace a faint line 1/2 inch in from the fold. Sew along the line to create a hem.

3. Put a safety pin on one end of the elastic and run it through one hole in the heel hem to the other side. Pin the elastic in place 1 inch away from each end, holding the elastic in place with its end aligned with the end of the hem hole. Sew a straight stitch on each end over the heel and elastic ends to secure.

4. Set one of the upper fabrics down on a flat surface with the right side facing up. Pin the side edges of the heel to the flat side of the upper piece. This should create a loop out of the heel piece with the elastic running on the inside of the loop and the raw edge along the outside.

5. Place the other upper over the heel, right side facing down, and pin it to the same set of edges. Sew across the upper edges, trapping the heel in between. Fold the pieces of the uppers over the seam, pairing up the wrong sides. This should show the top face of the shoe and cover the seam.

6. Place the two sole pieces, wrong sides together, on the table. Set your shoe top over the soles and pin all the way around the connected heel and upper, keeping the edging as flat as possible.

7. Zigzag stitch the layers together all the way around the shoe, catching the edges under the stitching. Turn the shoe right side out to complete. Follow the same steps to create the second shoe to complete the pair.

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