Monday, June 6, 2011

Upcycle an Old Pants Leg Into a Small Tote Bag

Not every upcycling job is a major undertaking. You can turn the leg of an old pair of pants into a small tote bag with just a few sewing steps. 

Cut the leg off about two feet above the pant-leg's ankle. (This isn't an exact science, so if you want a longer tote bag, cut the leg off up higher.)

Sew across the ankle opening. (If the hem is too thick, fold it under or cut it off so you do not damage your sewing machine.)

Fold the top edge under twice, making sure the second fold is at least 1.5 inches. 

Sew close to the lower folded edge, but leave a one inch gap in the seam, making sure to backtack thoroughly on each end of the seam. 

Clip a bodkin or big safety pin on the end of an old shoe string or piece of nylon rope. 

Feed the bodkin or pin into the opening, and work it all the way through the folded and stitched casing. 

Remove the bodkin or pin, and tie the ends of the shoelace or rope together. 

Your tote bag is ready to go, giving you a new bag and keeping the old garment out of the landfill. 

Now what are you going to do with with the rest of the pants? How about a purse from the seat of the pants and grocery bag holder from the other leg?

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