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Handbags, Purses, and Messenger Bags

The Value of Home Sewing Accessories

Learning to make "carry all" accessories is a geat way to get a bag that has the quality of a designer handbag, purse, or tote while only paying the price of a cheap bag.

Obtaining a high quality designer bag is an exciting goal for many fashion consumers. Possessing a designer bag is both a status symbol and a source of pride. Fashionistas spend considerable time and money getting designer bags. Time is spent selecting the perfect bag, asking for outside opinions, and earning the money to buy the bag. There are even websites where visitors can post photos of an admired bag to get the opinions of strangers - so they don't waste their money on "seriously ugly" bags.

Why Sewing a Handbag, Purse, or Messenger Bag at Home Is Worthwhile

Shelling out big money for a designer bag might seem worthwhile in some instances. Anyone who has, however, had the experience of a child or a pet getting sick on a purse or tote bag - or a pen leaking indelible ink - will probably not seriously consider paying top dollar for a handbag. Making a "designer" handbag, purse, or tote bag is a great way to get a high quality bag made in the perfect fabric without spending top dollar on an item that is easily ruined.

The Advantage of Making a Messenger Bag

A messenger bag is basically a tote bag with a couple of extra features like a zipper or storage pocket. Messenger bags are probably the easiest type of bag for a beginner to make. The lines are simple and the bag produced is versatile. Selecting a durable fabric or good quality leather will help to ensure the messenger bag will have the strength to be used for a long time. A really hesitant new sewing machine operator might want to start with a super easy drawstring bag or basic shopping tote bag. These are even easier to make than the messenger bag because they require no closures and no pockets.

Skill Level Required to Make Purses and Handbags

Purses and handbags are generally more detailed, with pockets and a lining. The extra features make them sewing projects for those individuals with a higher level of sewing skill – though it is not an impossible goal for someone beginning a sewing journey. It is easy to find sewing patterns that are designed for beginners because pattern makers label their patterns with information regarding ease or difficulty. Patterns labeled as easy make it possible for almost anyone to make their own designer quality handbags and purses at home.

More advanced handcrafters might see a handbag and then make a pattern rather than purchasing one. This is actually much easier than it sounds for experienced sewing aficionados. It is simply not a task that is right for someone who is learning how to sew for the first time.

Seeing a purse that is attractive and trying to copy it without a purchased pattern is basically making a knock off. The finished purse should look very similar to the original design if attention is paid to details. As long as the original is not actually used as a pattern the handbag will still be the unique creation of the person who makes it.

Making a handbag also gives the maker the satisfying experience of designing and crafting a handbag with features that are "just right" and out of the perfect fabric to fit one's personal style. Sewing accessories like messenger bags, handbags, and purses is a fun, inexpensive, and satisfying way to obtain a designer handbag.

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  2. Making your own handbags will allow you to create your own design and style. I have a collection of travel bags for women, and I created some of them. I love collecting bags and other accessories.


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