Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to Make a Cozy Men's Polar Fleece Scarf

Easy to Sew Outerwear Accessory: Making a men's scarf, either to give as a gift or to save a little bit of money by making it at home, does not require knitting or crocheting knowledge if fleece is used.

If you want to make a men's scarf you do not need to know how to knit or crochet. Polar fleece fabric with a finished edge makes an attractive and exceptionally warm scarf. The synthetic fibers used to make fleece traps body heat, making it suitable for winter outerwear. Fleece is easy to work with because it is durable, and it does not fray the same way a woven fabric frays.

What is the Difference between Men's and Women's Winter Scarves

The design used to make a scarf for a man is very similar, and often identical, to the design used to make a scarf for a woman. The main difference, between women's scarves and men's scarves, is the fabric colors and patterns. Look for muted tones, or masculine patterns when making a men's scarf.

What is the Best Seam Finish to Use when Sewing Fleece

Use a simple finishing stitch when the scarf. A type of sewing machine known as a serger is commonly used to finish the raw edges of fleece, making a stitch that resembles a blanket stitch. The average household sewing machine will make a zigzag stitch but will not make a serger stitch. According to The Sewing & Craft Alliance a zigzag stitch is a simple finish that is suitable for most fabrics.

What You Need to Make a Fleece Scarf

  • 1/3 yard of fleece, 60 inches wide
  • Ruler
  • Tailor's chalk
  • 1 Quarter
  • Scissors
  • Thread in a complementary color
  • Sewing machine

Fleece Scarf-Making Steps

  1. Lay the fabric out on a work table and smooth it with your fingertips until it is flat. Make a tailor’s chalk mark 1 inch in from each corner.
  2. Place the quarter on the fabric so its edges line up on the marks to make a pattern for rounding the corners. Draw around the edge of the quarter from mark to mark on the corner, but do not make the complete circle.
  3. Trim the edges off using the scissors. This will make a curved edge, and it will be easier to sew than a corner with a 90 degree angle.
  4. Set the sewing machine to make a zigzag stitch, blanket stitch, or any decorative finishing stitch you like.
  5. Fold the scarf in half, the long way, to find the center, and then begin sewing from this point. Sew close to the edge and go all the way around the scarf. Overlap the seam by about 1/2 inch when you reach your starting point.

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