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Where to Find a Threading Guide or Manual for an Old Kenmore Sewing Machine

Kenmore sewing machines normally make strong, even stitches when properly threaded. However, an improperly threaded Kenmore sewing machine will skip stitches, break the thread, and might not sew at all. It's not always easy to find a threading guide for a vintage sewing machine, but it is often possible. 

Sewing Machine Manual
Where to Find a Vintage Sewing Machine Manual image courtesy of Pixabay

Tips for Finding Vintage Sewing Machine Manuals

Start by searching for your sewing machine make and model with the term threading guide or owners manual attached to the make and model.

For example, "Kenmore 117 threading guide." 

Some Places To Look for Old Sewing Machine Manuals

In addition to running a general search on the internet to find a threading guide for a vintage machine, you can try to request or order one from the manufacturer's website, if the company is still in business.

Many sites sell owners manuals online for around ten dollars, and at least one, Sew USA, has the threading guide portion of the information and full manuals, for many models and brands.

You can put a request in a sewing group, somewhere like the Stitching it Right Facebook group on the chance someone in the group has the same type of machine and is willing to share a photo image of the page or pages you need or perhaps even sell one.

Auction sites like eBay and online selling venues like Etsy also sometimes end up with vintage sewing machine manuals listed for sale, so those are palces you may also want to check if you can't find a threading guide or owner's manual anywhere else.

Updated August 15, 2018

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